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Veronica Howard
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What to know about Veronica? I am a 34 year old woman that currently stays in the Wake county area. Growing up I always knew that I loved helping others and the only gift I needed in return is the smile I see on their face. So for each Christmas my main goal was to put a smile on someone face and joy in their heart. With something as small as a smile but at the same time so big and priceless, I always knew that no matter what I became in life it had to be something that brought joy to others. 

Graduating with a degree in Business Administration I used it in various of areas of management such as child care, restuarants, and marketing industries. It took a while for me to realize that although these were great positions it still was not fulfilling the desire and aspirations that I wanted as a little girl. It took me to do some soul searching to figure out what do I want to do? After the purchase of my very first home and going through all those emotions during the buying phase I realized the joy it brought to me. To see the growth within myself and how far I have become in life was an amazing feeling. That's when it hit me, what if I could see this same joy I am experiencing on others face each and every day? That's when I decided to be a NC Broker and enrolled at Go School of Real Estate in Raleigh, NC. The course was not a walk in the park but, with dedication and hard studying I got through it. 

Becoming a Realtor was the best decision I have ever made and now I am here to assist with all of your Real Estate needs. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, second home, vacation home, investment home, or selling your home I am here to assist. Let me help you find Home so that I can get to see that wonderful smile on your face and the joy in your heart from this amazing experience! Contact me today, I am waiting!